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39th National Competition for Working Conditions Improvement 13.12.2011
The goal of the annual competition is to inspire and promote scientific and research works as well as technical and organizational solutions for improving labour conditions and protection of man at work in the greatest range of facilities and for as many workers as possible. This should be achieved by improving the use or introducing new methods for assessing hazards and profession risks, new designs, technologies, devices and materials, as well as new organizational solutions.
The solutions submitted to participate in the Contest are considered in two categories:
  • technical and organizational solutions,
  • scientific and research works.

To participate in the latest - 39th edition of Contest, the Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX submitted its own elaborated solution: "A new anti-blow suit for policeman".
The project has been highly evaluated by the Jury and received an award of IIIrd grade within the category "Scientific and Research Works". The awards ceremony took place on 6 December 2011 in Warsaw, in the halls of the Parliament of Republic of Poland.

Seoul International Invention Fair 2011 13.12.2011
International exhibition of inventions SIIF in Seoul, South Corea, is one of the most famous exhibition events held in Asia. Inventions of various fields, developed by academic or implementing bodies, industrial companies and individual inventors from around the world are presented there.
During the last edition of SIIF, held on 1 - 4 of December 2011, the Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX" exhibited a protective vest, that protects against bullets from firearms, shrapnel, knife, stab and a needle.
The vest found great appreciation of the Jury and was awarded the Bronze Medal.

"Fundings for Science 2011" contest 07.12.2011
The Contest "Fundings for Science 2011" organized by the ProRegio Foundation was carried out within the project "Thematic Network - European Funds for Science". It was to reward the best projects executed with support from European Funds, which have contributed to the progress of science in Poland.
This year 56 projects took part in the competition, subdivided into three categories:
  • Higher education infrastructure
  • Commercialization of research
  • Supporting the competence development among employee of research institutions

Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX" submitted its own project "Refinancing of the cost of property protection in Poland and abroad for the researches results" to the Competition.
On 28 November 2011 in Warsaw, the Jury has highly estimated the project of "MORATEX" rewarding it with the Distinction within the "Commercialization of research" categories.

Conference of Ministry of National Defence - INDUSTRY DAYS 2011 28.11.2011
The Armament Policy Department of the Ministry of National Defence for the forth time held in the Polish Military Conference Center the Conference INDUSTRY DAYS 2011 on 22 and 23 November 2011.

With the intention to develop the cooperation between Ministry of National Defence and the industry, 523 representatives from the military branches, of 159 participating organizations attended the conference, and among the 42 exhibitors - Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX.

The results of R&D works attracted the interest of participants, which led to development of the following solutions:
  • A floater, which is one of the main elements of a pontoon bridge,
  • A protective vest, which is bullet-, knife-, stab- and needleproof,
  • Bulletproof vest with the composite ballistic inserts,
  • Composite bulletproof helmet.

iENA 2011 International Trade Fair 07.11.2011
There was another edition of International Trade Fair IENA in Nuremberg, on 1-4 November, 2011. At that prestigious event, among the 800 inventions from 30 countries, Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX has won two awards:

  • Silver Medal - to Ms Elzbieta Witczak, Ph.D., Eng., Ms Grazyna Grabowska M.Sc., Ms Joanna Blaszczyk M.Sc., and Jadwiga Waleza - for a solution called "Protective Vest",

  • Bronze Medal - to Ms Krystyna Fortuniak M.Sc., Eng., Ms Ewa Obersztyn M.Sc., Eng., Ms Grazyna Redlich Ph.D., Eng., and Mr Bogdan Deka M.Sc., Eng., - for a solution called "Masking Textile Materials".

IWIS 2011 07.11.2011
Our institute attended the Warsaw Exhibition of Inventions and Innovations IWIS 2011 held on 3rd-5th of November, where the jury prized Elizabeth Witczak Ph.D., Eng., Grazyna Grabowska M.Sc., Eng., Joanna Blaszczyk M.Sc., Eng., and Jadwiga Waleza - with the Gold Medal for the "Protective Vest" solution.

Silver Medal was given to Krystyna Fortuniak M.Sc., Eng., Ewa Obersztyn M.Sc., Eng., Grazyna Redlich Ph.D., Eng., Bogdan Deka M.Sc., Eng., - for "Textile Materials masking" solution.

Moreover, first time in the exhibition's history, a golden IWIS-statuette "THE LADY PRIZE" was awarded for the best invention from women. It was the above-mentioned protective vest. "THE PRIZE LADY" went to Elizbieta Witczak Ph.D., Eng., Grazyna Grabowska M.Sc., Eng., Joanna Blaszczyk M.Sc., Eng., Jadwiga Waleza. It was funded by the President of International Federation of Inventors - Andreas Vedres Ph.D.

New Technologies In Safety And Public Order - Police Academy in Szczytno 17.10.2011
On 12th-14th of October, 2011, the 1st International Conference "New Technologies In Safety And Public Order" was held at the Police Academy in Szczytno, Poland.
The Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX attended as one of the leading representatives of the scientific community, supporting the development of Individual protection means for the officers of Ministry of Interior and Administration.

The Conference was great opportunity for showing to a wide audience - industry experts and university lecturers, officers, students, and even the candidates interested in studying at the Police Academy - the achievements of our institute

including in particular the results of the Key Project "Modern ballistic body armours and covers for transportation means as well as for buildings, made on a basis of textile composites", no. POIG.01.03.01-005/08-00.

We appreciate the excellent conditions for participants, arranged by the organizers of the conference.

Conference official website -

Szczytno 2011 Szczytno 2011 Szczytno 2011
Szczytno 2011 Szczytno 2011 Szczytno 2011
Szczytno 2011 Szczytno 2011 Szczytno 2011
Szczytno 2011 Szczytno 2011
Szczytno 2011 Szczytno 2011 Szczytno 2011
The 19th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2011 14.09.2011
On 05-08th of September 2011 the 19th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2011 was held in Kielce. The Exhibition is an annual, largest in Poland and one of Europe's largest events, where the latest world achievements in the field of arms, ammunition, equipment for troops, police, border uards, special units and rescue teams are presented. In the current year approximately 400 exhibitors from around the world attended. The pontoon bridge deck was presented there, designed by the Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX i.a. The bridge was developed within the scope of a development project "Development of modules and flexible materials featuring high strength and ballistic resistance, useful for bridges applications" no. O R00 0079 A 09, funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education.

The project was realized by the scientific and industrial consortium:
  • Jarosław Dąbrowski Military University of Technology
  • Institute of Automobile Transportation
  • Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX"
  • Military Engineering Works Inc.

The floater, which is one of the main elements of the bridge, was designed by:
  • Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX"
  • SPORTIS Inc.

The bridge found great interest of the professionals visiting the exhibition.

XVIIIth International Scientific and Technical
Conference ARMAMENT'2011
On 25-27th of May, 2011 under the patronage of Minister of National Defense, the XVIIIth International Scientific and Technical Conference ARMAMENT'2011 was held, organized by the Military Institute of Armament Technology, jointly with the Institute of Armament Technology of Mechatronics Faculty of the Military Technical Academy, in cooperation with the Centre for Research and Development of Mechanical Equipment in Tarnow.

One of the scientific sessions during the conference was devoted entirely to the results of the key project "Modern ballistic body armours and covers for transportation means as well as for buildings, made on a basis of textile composites" No. POIG.01.03.01-10-005/08.

The implementers of the project (MORATEX, CIOP-PIB, WITU and TUL) delivered lectures presenting scope and outcomes of the Project. Lively discussion on the issues of the project demonstrated the attractiveness of scientific and application of the topic as well, as the prospects of new aspects related to developing the composite ballistic shields.

Project no. WND-POIG.01.03.01-10-005/08 session schedule

Gold Medal of Poznań International Fair "ITM 2011"
for dressing TROMBOGUARD
Gold Medal of Poznan International Fair has a long tradition and reputation. In the post-WW2 history of the Fair, it has been awarded since 1979 and is highly regarded among national and international exhibitors.

More than thousand of them were competing for medals and awards in 2011, exhibiting at Innovation,Technology, Machines fair. At the elite list of only 24 products awarded the MTP Gold Medal at ITM 2011 was "Dressing for first aid and trauma wound TROMBOGUARD".

This innovative product submitted by the Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX, developed jointly with TRICOMED SA and with the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres aroused great interest among both civilian and uniformed customers, as well as among companies working at distribution area. This is because the TROMBOGUARD dressing combines excellent usability (functionality and security) with the economics, which make it likely to win an international market success. And its unbeatable advantages come from innovative solutions based on the achievements of scientists and entrepreneurs of Lodz.

XXIV Congress of Polish Engineers 10.06.2011
XXIV Congress of Polish Engineers was held on 24-25 May, in Lodz, accompanied by an exhibition of achievements of scientific and research units of various industries. By means of roll-ups and leaflets MORATEX presented its contribution to the five projects co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund. The Institute exhibited also the innovative solutions for personal ballistic armour, resulting from the project "Modern ballistic body armours and covers for transportation means as well as for buildings, made on a basis of textile composites" No. POIG.01.03.01-10-005/08 and project "Refinancing of the cost of property protection in Poland and abroad for the researches results" No. POIG.01.03.02-10-015/08. Another innovative product for protection of human health - TROMBOGUARD "Dressing for first aid and wound trauma" created as a result of implementation of research was also presented. The research and development works realised by the Institute, and designs resulting from implementations have met great interest of the participants of Congress.

EUROPOLTECH 2011 Fair 29.04.2011
International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services EUROPOLTECH 2011 was held in Warsaw, on April, 13-15th, 2011. The fair happen every two years, and attract to participation numerous scientific and research bodies, academies and companies developing and manufacturing the equipment for Police and other services of state security.

During the latest event, the Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX presented their contribution to projects funded by European Union, especially Project no. POIG.01.03.01-10-005/08 "Modern ballistic body armours and covers for transportation means as well as for buildings made on a basis of textile composites" and the Project no. POIG.01.03.02-10-015/08 "Refinancing of the cost of property protection in Poland and abroad for the researches results". The following goods, developed by MORATEX for the needs of units subordinated to the Ministry of Interior and Administration were displayed: anti-blow suit for policeman at EURO 2012 Football Championship, and TROMBOGUARD – the modern dressing pack, haemostatic and accelerating wounds healing for the officers of units supervised by the Minister of Interior and Administration.

The presented products found big interests of the visitors of EUROPOLTECH 2011 Fair.

Innovative textile industry
On 15th of October, this year, the conference "Innovative textile industry in the voivodship of Lodz" was held at the European Institute of Lodz. The representative of regional and local authorities of voivodship of Lodz, the universities, research and development bodies, investors, entrepreneurs and technology transfer units participated in the deliberation. The main topics of the conference were:
  • standing of textile branch in the Lodz region, opportunities and threats being faced by the industry
  • innovativeness of the voivodship and the textile industry
  • transfer of technology
Director of "MORATEX" Institute, Mrs Elzbieta Witczak, Ph.D., Eng. took part in the panel session. An exhibition accompanied the deliberations, and the Institute of Security Technologies "MORATEX" presented there their modern individual ballistic protection means as well as the anti-blow ones developed within the frame of the following projects co-financed by the European Union:
  • Project no. POIG.01.03.01-10-005/08
    "Modern ballistic body armours and covers for transportation means as well as for solid objects, made on a basis of fibrous composites"
  • Project no. POIG.01.03.02-10-015/08-00
    "Refinancing of the cost of property protection in Poland and abroad for the researches results"

Plane crash at the Radawiec airport

For each of us is created to die,
And within me I know,
I was born to fly.

("Impressions of a Pilot" by Gary Claude Stoker)

We were deeply saddened to hear about the death of our much regretted Colleague

Mr. Robert Romek, MSc., Eng.

the long-standing manager of Ballistic Laboratory. With the deceased we lose a gentle and honest Man.

We express our deep condolences to the Family of Robert

- The Management and colleagues from the Institute of Security Technologies "Moratex"

The "Moratex" Institute nominated for the Economy Award of the Lodz Voivodship 2010
On the 1st of July at the Museum of City of Lodz was held the ceremony of handing in the Economy Award of the Lodz Voivodship 2010 and the diplomas - Nominations for the Award. Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX was nominated within a category of "Invention in the field of product or technology".
The Diploma has was received by the Director of MORATEX, Mrs. Elżbieta Witczak Ph.D., Eng. from the hands of The Voivode.

Conference "Protecting Fireman against hot thermal factors"
The goal of the conference is presenting hot thermal factors which affect a fireman in rescue or fire-fighting actions, the result of their impact, the fireman individual protection means, specialist equipment and the tactics under flash-over threat conditions as well, as the basic training methods and facilities which serve for preparing the firemen for their activity under threat of extreme thermal factors. The conference is addressed to: firemen and manufacturers/distributors of fireman individual protection means as well as to others interested in this matter.
The organisers welcome guests at the Scientific and Research Center for Fire Protection in Józefów near Otwock.

website www:
contact: Centrum Naukowo – Badawcze Ochrony Przeciwpożarowej
ul. Nadwiślańska 213, 05-420 Józefów k. Otwocka
phone +48 22 76-93-221 or -260, -220 (ext.)
fax +48 22 76-93-356

Honorary Prize "FORTITER ET RECTE"
On 4th of March, 2010 the Director of MORATEX Institute - Mrs Elzbieta Witczak Ph.D., Eng. received at the Regional Police Headquarters in Lodz the Honorary Prize "FORTITER ET RECTE", awarded by Chief Police Commander.
It is a very prestigious prize intended as a form of honouring merits of Police officers or civilians, organisations and institutions acting for the benefit of Police and for common accepted rules of both state and citizens' security, as well as scientific research or publications concerning the Police.
The Prize was handed by the Chancellor of Chapter - professor Zbigniew Judycki Ph.D., together with Regional Police Commander of Lodz Voivodship - inspector Marek Działoszynski.

Starting new project within Operational Programme Innovative Economy
On 1st of January 2010 Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX starts working on a new project within the frame of OP IE. The title of project is "Modern technologies for textile industry. A chance for Poland", and the Leader shall be the Institute of Biopolymers and Chemical Fibres. More information on the project available here.

Decoration for Director of "MORATEX" Institute
Director of the Institute of Security Technology "MORATEX", Mrs Elżbieta Witczak, Ph.,D., was decorated by the President of Republic of Poland with the Officer's Cross of the Order of Poland's Rebirth in appreciation of her outstanding achievements in promoting Polish science and technology ideas.

The decoration has been handed on 19th of May 2009 at the Belvedere.

15th International Defence Industry Exhibition MSPO 2007
The MSPO expo is held every year in Kielce together with International Logistics Fair LOGISTYKA. It is the biggest in Poland and one of the best recognized worldwide exhibition events related to defence industry. The exhibitors gathered from all over the world present the state-of-the-art solutions and constructions of weapons, ammo, hardware and equipment designed for various military services, Police, Border Guards, Fire Brigades and other national defence and security services.
This year MORATEX had the fair stand together with the Ministry of Interior and Administration. The Institute exposed their latest generation of bullet-proof vests, multi-purpose ballistic covers, counter-I.E.D. attenuators, impact-resistant protectors and equipment for snipers.
The presented goods encountered big interest among the military representatives, Police, Border Guards and prison management.

"Science for the Economy" Show
The Showroom is immanent part of the largest international fairs of modern technology in Poland "ITM - Innovations-Technologies-Machines" held annually in Poznan.
The Institutes, Academies and Universities participate in the Showroom, exposing their research achievements, to be applied in the national economy. The presented achievements are rated by the Contest Jury for practice, modernity, functionality and conformance to the regulations on ecology and safety at work.
"MORATEX" was presenting their scientific and technology achievements on modern technologies of ballistic covers, impact-resistant protectors and other goods designed for human life protection and security.
The successes of the Institute focused the attention of visitors and received high rating from the Jury. The result is winning the top award - The Golden Medal of the Poznan International Fair for the multifunctional ballistic cover from "MORATEX".
The Award is of great value - 1300 expositors from 36 countries present at the last fair edition have been awarded 16 Golden Medals only.

International Warsaw Inventions Show 2007
The sientific-and-research bodies, univeristies and academies and innowation bodies across all of the national economy branches were participating in the exposition by presenting their inventional achievements.
The "MORATEX" Institute presented modern solutions of ballistic covers, impact-resistant protectors and vest and the cooling insert for the helmet.
The inventions received high rating from the Jury, resulting in the following honours for the Institute:
  • Golden Medal – for the Multi-functional Ballistic Cover
  • Silver Medal – for the Cooling Insert for Helmets

Mrs. Elzbieta Witczak, Ph.D., Eng. - Director of "MORATEX" Institute
On 16th of April, 2007 The Vice-Minister of Interior and Administration - Jarosław Brysiewicz has handed a appointment to the post of Director of Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX to Elżbieta Witczak, Ph.D., Eng.
Mrs. Elżbieta Witczak graduated M.Sc., Eng. in 1973, and postgraduate Ph.D. in 1979 at Technical University of Lodz is the textile engineer on chemical processing of fibre.
She works at Institute of Security Technologies MORATEX since 1973 on the following positions: process engineer, senior expert, senior assistant, Finishing Study Manager, Fibre's Chemical Processing Department and since 1992 till April of 2007 - the Deputy Director for Research.
The scientific and invention achievements of Director Witczak are wide, the numbers speak: 120 scientific-research works, 125 inventions (co-author) including 56 patents and 69 utility models, plus 74 publications and papers.
The scientific achievements of Mrs. Witczak are linked since her professional careere beginning with the protection of natural environment, human life and health, and since 1992 the research has been guided towards development of products for protection against firearms bullets and cold steel or striking, the explosion attenuators, plus whole range of goods designed for fire brigades and for rescue services.
The produced goods arisen from many-years research are useful for protection of health and lives of officers of the services subordinated to the Ministry of Interior and Administration such as: Police, Border Guards, Fire Brigades and among the soldiery.
For her scientific-research achievements and for all of her professional works Mrs. Witczak has been honoured with the following decorations: Cavalier Cross of Order of Rebirth of Poland 2003, Officer Cross of Kingdom of Belgium for the invention and innovation activity 2003, Medal World Itelectual Property Organization 2001, Golden Medal of Maria Skłodowska-Curie 1997. Moreover, she's got the following distinctions: honour distinction "For the Merit for Inventiveness" 2006, "Golden Medal of Merit for Police" 2005, "For Merit for the City of Lodz" 2003, "Golden Medal of Merit for National Defence" 1996, distinction "Golden Engineer 96", "Textile Man of the Year" 1995, silver distinction "For Merit for Firefighting" 1991, golden distinction "Meritorious Professional od Light Industry" 1989, golden distinction "Meritorious Maritime Professional" 1987, golden distinction "Production Rationalizer" 1986.
Mrs. Director is member and activist of Polish Union of Inventors and Rationalizers Societies, Provincial Club of Technology and Rationalisation, Polish Textile Professionals Society and FEANI-Poland. Beside her profession she is interested in literature, film, theater, tourism, skiing, swimming. She is also interested in politics and economy of contemporary world.
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